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What is a Divine Counterpart?

and how is it different from a Twin Flame?

Intuitive Joy
6 min readJan 31, 2022


The term “Twin Flame” has been so glamorized and misunderstood it’s practically meaningless at this point. Words that used to mean spiritual catalyst and mirror soul, that used to imply unfathomable, indefinable, unconditional love and deep surrender to the Divine within have come to be nothing more than a trendy shorthand for a false concept of “happily ever after”.

People use the term Divine Counterpart and Twin Flame interchangeably, but they have one crucial difference. While a twin flame is primarily a relationship based on soul growth and definitely not a fairytale, the Divine Counterpart is, in some senses, that forever love we’re looking for.

Why It’s NOT a Fairytale

Make no mistake, the Twin Flame journey isn’t about “happily ever after”, if such a thing exists. Meeting your twin flame is entirely destructive and devastating. Why? Because the purpose of this soul connection is to destroy the ego. It’s to set fire to whatever is inside you that keeps you apart from your truest self, your divine essence. Whatever crap is clogging your connection to God/Source/Spirit (whatever works for you) is cleared away by the awakenings (plural!) that this connection catalyzes. It’s about transformation, soul evolution.

The Twin Flame journey gets you on your highest aligned path and purpose. It’s simply one path to awakening. There are many. For example, a Near Death Experience, an abusive relationship, a traumatic divorce... the list goes on. The difference with the Twin Flame experience is that it’s an awakening experience packaged in the form of a person. Unlike these other experiences, we want to attach to it. And there’s where the problems begin.

The Twin Flame, like other soul connections, feels pretty good at first. It’s likely one of the first times you’ve felt your soul so present in your body. It’s the first time you’ve felt so deeply connected, so intimately known and loved so intensely. Then you’re triggered and it’s ripped away from you so you find that connectedness on your own.

That’s it. That’s the Twin Flame journey; finding wholeness over and over and over again. It’s learning to balance within and healing false beliefs…



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