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Morning Meditation Thoughts

Here’s what I’m thinking about this morning:

Intuitive Joy
2 min readNov 27, 2023


I’m thinking that I don’t understand.

I don’t understand allowing fear to keep you from what your heart is calling you towards. I don’t get how someone can inject so much belief into their fear of the future, but find it impossible to inject that same belief into their hopes and dreams.

How can you let the past decide your future, when you know all we have is now? How can you let your fear control you, when love is all that’s real?

I don’t get how after you know that you’re not this ego mind, you continue to let it be the leading authority in your decision-making.

I don’t understand how after an awakening, after the shattering of the big illusion, after the deconstruction of the ego, you dive right back into seeing the world through a limited lens.

If you desire it in your soul, if you feel called to it from somewhere deep and pure, then you can trust it’s possible.

So how, when you know that you are Divine, that you are consciousness incarnate, do you still experience yourself as limited?

It’s impossible to live as embodied consciousness and allow fear to rule your life at the same time. So, what is the truth, then? What do you believe?

Do you believe you’re limited? Or do you believe you’re infinite?

There are really just those two options.

What are we here to do? Are we here to stay small, to conform, to never be hurt or broken or uncomfortable?

Or are we here to expand so far that when we look at ourselves in one year, in five, in ten we’ve become unrecognizable? Are we here to shed ourselves so entirely that all that’s left at the end of it is light and the truth of who we are?

Just some thoughts I’ve had this morning. It genuinely hurts to watch people I love live their life out in fear. And I needed to share this in case it helped anyone shift their perspective.

Remember how powerful you are.

As always, feel free to drop impressions/thoughts/conversations in the comments. I love chatting down there.



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