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I Don’t Care If People Call “Twin Flames” A Cult

The Twin Flame Journey is the Definition of IYKYK

Intuitive Joy
3 min readNov 22, 2023


The new Netflix Documentary “Escaping Twin Flames” has everyone who has ever, for one second, believed in the Twin Flame phenomenon running scared. No one wants to seem crazy. Well…except me.

Now, what Twin Flames Universe (a business founded by two sick individuals) did with the concept was heinous. But they aren’t the first so-called “spiritual leaders” to expose themselves to be liars and manipulators. They aren’t the first to take advantage of the unchecked power granted to them.

We only have to look as far as the Catholic Church to see how very much harm can be done from seats of spiritual authority.

This is all the more reason to put faith in our personal experience rather than some outside entity.

My personal experience is what brought me to the concept of Twin Flames and kept me believing in the existence of connected souls. It had nothing to do with dreaming about an ideal and everything to do with my lived reality.

And, guess what? I don’t care if I seem crazy. Why?

Recall anyone who has ever thought of something groundbreaking, anyone who has ever said or done something that changed the world forever, and left a legacy for generations after they were gone. Pioneers. Inventors. Trailblazers.

They are rarely validated by the mainstream.

Galileo Galilei thought the Earth went ‘round the Sun instead of the other way around and the scientific community of his day thought he was bonkers. Albert Einstein, same thing. Until some of his theories were proven, his contemporaries thought his ideas were strange and nonsensical.

The large majority of people didn’t have the vision, couldn’t see what they saw, so they were ridiculed and side-eyed. But it didn’t make them wrong. They were both right and their theories (now indisputably fact) form the basis of today’s fundamental laws of physics.

There have always been people whose minds expand faster, who think beyond what they can see.

It doesn’t make them crazy. It makes them ahead of their time.



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